Lately you might have noticed that the comics have been arriving a little inconsistently. This is because there have been some family emergency’s to take care of and I started a new job that requires longer hours that previously. That being said I will try to get back on track and publish on a more timely basis.

I have never been a skilled artist as is evident in my comics. What takes a trained artist a few minutes can take me hours to draw and then fix in the computer. I am getting better at it, I hope. I mention this because it takes me much longer to get a comic on line and so consequently it takes away from other things I need to be doing as well. What I am trying to say is bear with me if I miss an occasional day or am behind on putting them up, I have as yet not figured out how to make this pay so it gets squeezed in around the other things I need to do such as making a living. Someday that might not be an issue but for now it is. I hope you all enjoy my comics and that they make you laugh sometimes which improves your health so they tell me.

D. Curcio