About MeIf you’re reading this you must want to know a little bit about me and how I came to write this web comic. So here it is a short bio of me and my accomplishments such as they are. I have done a variety of things in my life from being a special effects make-up artist in Hollywood to selling furniture. I studied film making at Emerson College in Boston and while there became interested in make-up effects. At the time this was a new field with only a handful of people who were proficient at it. I contacted many of them and went to New York and LA to meet with and see what tips I could glean. Through these contacts I developed some professional friendships and learned many valuable techniques but basically I was self taught. I spent over 15 years working at this profession creating effects for many films, commercials and television series. Eventually in the 90’s I moved to Orlando Florida where, at the time, there was a very vibrant film industry. Like so many things in life this didn’t last and the film makers moved on but now having children I didn’t.I then started a business called Curios which manufactured home and garden décor and statuary. This went on for several years until I sold it when the business became flooded with to many competitors. While trying to figure out what to do next, my wife who was making very good money selling furniture suggested I try my hand at the furniture business. I did and it was a fun business until I became paralyzed on my left side due to a virus attacking my spinal cord. For the full story on that see:    http://denniscurcio.hubpages.com/_3dg9jb7qf5w80/hub/How-I-was-able-to-overcome-paralysisWhile in rehab I began drawing as a way to improve the dexterity of my fingers. This lead to drawing cartoons which I always wanted to do. My son and his friends looked at the cartoons and thought that they were better than many they had seen online. I wasn’t familiar with the whole web cartoon business but soon realized that it was a great medium in which I could test out my comics and see if they resonated with anyone.

I have always had a strange sense of humor which has gotten me in trouble especially at work and in social occasions. I am always saying humorous things, at least I find them funny, which are misunderstood and get me in trouble. So, if you find these comics funny I’ll take all the credit if you don’t blame my son, this was all his idea. If you would like to see me continue publishing Brain Fever Comix and hopefully make it my primary job, please feel free to use my “Donate” button, any contribution large or small helps.

Dennis Curcio
Artist in residence

About Brain Fever

These comics are the product of an undisciplined mind that can’t control what pops into it. Ever since I was I child I perceived the world differently than others, I was always laughing at things that only I found funny. For example while dancing at my brother-in-laws wedding with his wife, I asked her where they were going on their honeymoon, she proceeded to name a number of cities in Europe that all happened to be the names of cars. I said it sounded like they were going to a used car lot, she was baffled. Anyway I found it funny. So if you like this kind of humor that references oddly juxtaposed ideas you’ll probably like these comics. If you don’t find them funny blame my son it was his idea to put them on the web.